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Wazo E-UC Stack Revolutionizes Communication on Google Marketplace

CloudWerx is pleased to celebrate our latest graduate from our GCP Marketplace QuickStart Program: Wazo E-UC Stack by Wazo International. Its debut on Google Marketplace marks a significant step towards transforming the world of unified communications technology and empowering Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to offer exceptional UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) experiences. Wazo's innovative approach is set to redefine the global industry and provide a game-changing solution.

Wazo understands the challenges faced by MSPs when trying to stand out in the market. Building a custom UCaaS platform from the ground up can be a time-consuming and expensive endeavor, and black-box systems come with their own set of challenges. This is where Wazo's expertise comes into play, utilizing straightforward, robust, and versatile APIs and integrations, they offer a fresh perspective on communication solutions.

The Wazo E-UC Stack is the customizable, turnkey UCaaS solution, poised to make waves in the industry. It empowers MSPs to enhance their customer communication experiences with an intuitive and modern all-in-one platform, complete with a centralized management interface. What's more, deploying your platform takes days, not months, which means you can get to the market faster than ever before. Wazo is flexible and adaptable, allowing you to integrate it seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, ensuring that your security solutions remain in place. With both a cloud-native API-first UCaaS Solution and an all-in-one turnkey UC solution, Wazo E-UC offers multi-tenant enterprise-grade solutions, providing the essential IPBX features modern businesses need to succeed.

Wazo's journey to revolutionize communication is driven by their exceptional team, with extensive experience in telecom and infrastructure management. This expertise enables them to deploy cutting-edge communication technologies that meet the evolving demands of the modern workforce. Wazo International is built on core principles that include a commitment to reshaping the communication landscape, designing solutions tailored for service providers, embracing progressiveness, innovation, and continuous evolution, and building APIs on a mature and reliable platform.

The launch of the Wazo platform on Google Marketplace is a significant development that offers MSPs the tools they need to build customized, unique communication offerings. With Wazo, MSPs can take control of their data, infrastructure, and customers. With an expedited journey to the market, Wazo ensures MSPs they can deliver outstanding communication experiences to their clients as soon as possible.

The Wazo E-UC Stack, now available on Google Marketplace, is a game-changer for MSPs looking to provide innovative communication solutions to their clients. With its customizable, turnkey UCaaS solution, Wazo is set to empower businesses and redefine the communication landscape. The days of lengthy and costly platform development are over, thanks to Wazo's modern approach, and this launch on Google Marketplace is just the beginning of an exciting journey in unified communications technology.

Explore Wazo on Google Cloud Marketplace and learn more at

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