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We are faster.
We are agile.
We are fearless.
We are CloudWerx.

See how CloudWerx is helping its customers architect, optimize and secure their Google Cloud environments.

Trusted by industry leaders to push the boundaries of what Google Cloud can do, then push farther.

Hybrid EDA Transformation Novumind

System deployment time decreased from months to ~30 minutes while significantly improving user experience and enhancing information security for the client. CloudWerx provided a detailed Optimization Report, giving NovuMind a snapshot of their baseline, and then a “Project Recap,” highlighting how CloudWerx improved performance, reduced staff workload, optimized the environment, secured the environment, and other notable impacts. 

Novumind Logo

Lightning-Fast Auto-Scaling for Azul

CloudWerx consultants were brought in to replicate and deploy Azul’s current AWS workloads into GCP. By doing so, CloudWerx also needed to provide a solution that was able to auto-scale and perform better than their current setup. CloudWerx replicated AWS workload on GCP and provided solution that was able to auto-sale.

Azul logo

Architectural Workshop for Seer

CloudWerx was asked to provide Seer Interactive with technical consulting to help them learn and implement GCP administration best practices related to architecture, security, labeling and deployment. Additionally, CloudWerx assisted Seer in fully leveraging services such as AirFlow and Composer.

Seer Interactive Logo

"As the sphere of influence, CloudWerx mentors, resources, and guides organizations who are building massive hyper-scale cloud environments for some of the fastest-growing companies in Silicon Valley, making sure they are successful. CloudWerx also drives down costs and helps customers set goals and budgets that enable predictability, which is key to budgets and growth."

Jim Cook

Former CFO of Netflix & Mozilla/Firefox

"CloudWerx is really identifying what needs to be done and also how it needs to be done. They are helping with change management as well, which is crucial. I want to bring in CloudWerx to fully integrate with the team and our workflow. I am so impressed with the CloudWerx team and I have full confidence that our partnership will continue to go well...I trust CloudWerx will always bring me the best resources."

Ethan Lyon

Associate Dir. of Engineering at SEER

"CloudWerx took work off my team's plate so we could focus on our core business. Enabling our team to hit our growth goals and not worry about security was a strategic decision for our company that enables us to scale as an organization. CloudWerx is an extension of our team enabling us to have the security resources we need, without hiring a security team, which would have been costly and time-consuming. My only regret is we did not engage them sooner."

Donald Kirby

People Ops at The True Life Companies

"I take pride in protecting my company, investors, employees and customers. As a CEO, I have an obligation to do whatever necessary to ensure my business' data is secure and that all risk is identified and mitigated. Working with CloudWerx has exceeded my expectations. Their attention to detail, professionalism and expertise is unparalleled. I would highly recommend working with CloudWerx on a full security plan for your business."

Scott Clark

CEO of The True Life Companies

"CloudWerx has become a trusted partner for me and my team to help us drive key projects and identify solutions that will be the best fit for our business. Their guidance and expertise on GCP, in particular, has been great in opening up the possibilities for how we can leverage it and their training has helped our team ramp to understand what is possible."

Mike Hamilton

VP of IT at Databricks

"CloudWerx has done a great job in partnership with us, understanding our business and giving us the resources we need to grow and scale as an organization. Their technical ability for GCP training, architecture, security and cost optimization were what we were looking for in a partner to help us exceed our business goals."

Colin Constable

CTO at The @ Company

"CloudWerx was the easy button for me and our team. They were extremely responsive and resourceful in getting me the talent I needed while building an elastic bench for me to rely on. CloudWerx helps us stay in front of our scaling issues while giving us a cost-effective way to run and predict our business."

Mike Hamilton

VP of IT at Databricks

"The entire project and experience from a business and technical perspective has been very smooth, professional and successful... [CloudWerx] took a really tight timeline, put together a great plan, and went to work efficiently executing to deliver in a narrow window."

Jeff Lien

Director of Engineering at Novumind

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