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CloudWerx Introduces Munish Gupta as New CIO

We're excited to welcome Munish Gupta, who brings a wealth of engineering and technical success to our team. With nearly 12 years at Google, Munish has a strong background as a Technical Account Manager and is a holder of eight certifications, including Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Network Engineer and Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Security Engineer. Notably, Munish led a top-tier SRE organization at Google, showcasing his leadership in diverse and geo-distributed teams. His extensive experience in database engineering further solidifies our confidence in his role as a key driver of CloudWerx's ongoing business growth.

This significant announcement follows the addition of Sidhant Gupta as our CTO earlier in March. CloudWerx is eagerly anticipating a dynamic partnership between Munish and Sidhant, collaborating on various strategic technical initiatives like technology governance, IT operations, and strategic planning.

Munish Gupta shared his enthusiasm, stating, "I’m very excited for this opportunity. Technology is constantly evolving, and the only way to stay relevant is to keep at it. The way forward is to now build a world-class engineering team that has the passion and technical depth, and we will always strive to revolve around the fundamental principles of any solution — simplicity, reliability, security, and ability to automatically scale up and down."

In the immediate term, we will look to Munish Gupta to steer the development and execution of CloudWerx's technology strategy, harmonizing it with our overarching business objectives. Key areas of focus will include vendor management, talent management, data management and security, as well as business continuity and disaster recovery.

Reflecting on this milestone, Jason Geis, CEO of CloudWerx, shared, “Betsy Reed and I set out to form an exceptional engineering team at CloudWerx, dedicated to tackling the most formidable cloud-related obstacles with the most clientele in the field. We are thrilled to announce a remarkable addition to our Engineering team, extending a warm welcome to Munish Gupta.” CloudWerx is committed to driving innovation and excellence, and we are confident Munish's expertise will contribute significantly to our continued success

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