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CWX CEO Interviews Newest Leadership - SVP of Professional Services

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Jason: Hi KMo! We are so excited to have you on our team. Can you share what initially drew you to CloudWerx and your decision to join us a few months ago?

KMo: Absolutely! In my previous role, I had the opportunity to build a fantastic team that achieved remarkable revenue growth. However, I was more inclined towards growing teams than managing the day-to-day operations. So, I reached out to trusted contacts, including Google, to find partners who were truly excelling in adding value to customers. The unanimous answer was CloudWerx. After talking to Betsy yourself, and getting a sense of your drive and vision, I knew it was the right fit. The more I learned about CloudWerx's plans, the more hooked I became. I saw an opportunity to set up the groundwork for success and contribute to the company's 10x growth. It was a perfect match, and I'm thrilled to be here.

Jason: It's fantastic to have you with us. Could you share more about your professional journey and how you arrived at this pivotal point in your career?

KMo: My journey is quite unique. I spent 12 years in the US Marine Corps, where I built data centers in challenging environments worldwide. Surprisingly, this experience led me to the world of cloud technology. After my military service, I initially considered a career in Cisco networking but found my true passion in AWS and later Google Cloud. I led significant cloud migrations, including Bitly's move to GCP. When Google offered me a role, I gladly accepted. Over the years, I've helped numerous customers adopt cloud technologies and have dabbled in various tech areas. My superpowers are communication and team building, which I've combined in roles involving marketing, webinars, and leading teams with a strong focus on culture.

Jason: Your Marine Corps background is impressive. How have you applied those skills to the tech industry and your everyday life?

KMo: My "special sauce" persay, is building and leading teams. I draw from my Marine skills to foster camaraderie and leadership daily. Helping people in this way is a core perspective. On the process side, I enjoy building what we might call "doctrine" in the military—not rigid rules but our best understanding of excellence today.

Jason: Your passion for your projects is clear. Can you share insights on what you believe has been the key to your success on this remarkable journey?

KMo: I live by the quote, 'Nothing's real until you write it down.' It doesn't mean being rigid; it's about gaining an advantage by putting thoughts in writing first. To generate ideas, jot down something that might be entirely incorrect, share it, and say, 'This is it.' It's the most effective way to gather feedback on any document you're working on. That has helped me so much in my career.

Jason: Are you keeping up with the current trends in the computing industry? What notable changes do you observe in the tech landscape, particularly in the cloud space?

KMo: AI has been a catalyst for cloud adoption, offering a powerful tool for implementing machine learning. It's revolutionizing how we manage workloads and serve customers, similarly to how email transformed office communication. However, it's essential to recognize the limited number of individuals who can create advanced AI technologies. What truly matters is how we choose to utilize AI.

Jason: With your busy life, what are your favorite hobbies in your spare time?

KMo: In my spare moments, I enjoy working on podcasts, spending quality time with family, pursuing weightlifting and CrossFit, and staying active in fitness. Lately, I've been deeply involved in professional-grade greenhouse gardening in my backyard, focusing on hydroponic growth of tomatoes and spinach—an exciting and slightly out-of-control project!

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