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CloudWerx Welcomes Kyle "KMo" Moschetto as SVP of Professional Services

CloudWerx is excited to welcome Kyle Moschetto (also known as “KMo”) to the CloudWerx team as SVP of Professional Services. KMo brings a remarkable depth of experience in the technology industry and particularly, Cloud Computing. His journey began in the Marine Corps, building data centers in remote locations, igniting his passion for the cloud domain. From there, he proceeded to work in key roles at Google Cloud in solutions and data center transformation, leaving his mark with numerous insightful videos, white papers, and blogs. Through the years, KMo has also served as CTO, Startup Founder, and most recently, Managing Director of Architecture and Innovation at SADA where he built a substantial team of the most experienced Google Cloud architects. With KMo’s expertise, CloudWerx is prepared for a bright future.

KMo's "special sauce" per say, lies in his exceptional talent for building and leading teams, drawing inspiration from his Marine skills to foster camaraderie and strong leadership every day. This is just one way he supports and helps people. On the process side, he emphasizes the importance of developing "doctrine" – not rigid rules or standard operating procedures, but rather a collective understanding of what excellence looks like today, and encouraging everyone to explore methods for improvement.

In his moments of downtime, KMo cherishes quality time with his family, indulges in his passion for fitness through CrossFit, and hosts a podcast with Marines from US Marine Forces Cyber Command. But that's not all – he's taken his love for cultivation to the next level by building a professional grade vegetable greenhouse in his backyard. For KMo, it's a grounding experience amidst the untouchable world of the cloud, allowing him to connect with the plants he grows. And, true to his expertise, he's brought in digital monitoring and hydroponic systems, enabling him to check in on his plants online, keeping a close eye on their progress and pH levels. A tech-savvy gardener indeed!

“Our goal from day one was to build a World-Class Engineering team at CloudWerx focused on solving the toughest cloud challenges with the most scalable customers in the industry… We have added a significant piece to the Engineering team as we add KMo to our team. He embodies the culture we are building and brand we have within the Google ecosystem.” said Jason Geis, CEO of CloudWerx.

We know KMo will be an absolute game changer for CloudWerx and bring a level of expertise, scalability, discipline and excellence to our organization that will be unparalleled. Please join us in welcoming KMo to the CloudWerx family!

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