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CloudWerx has partnered with top cloud tech companies to further strengthen the expertise and services we can offer.

CloudWerx has chosen Google as a cloud partner because of the innovation, customization, collaboration and flexibility Google offers its partners when it comes to building optimized and secure cloud infrastructures.


Ingram Micro Cloud is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for every problem solver in search of a solution—and every innovator with a dream. By identifying and bringing to market groundbreaking technologies that can transform life as we know it, we empower partners, vendors, intellectual property owners to do more.

The Ternary founding team is FinOps certified and amongst the first 30 certified FinOps practitioners in the world. Ternary creates tools at the intersection of Finance and Engineering with features based on FinOps principles. Ternary curates a culture of accountability, collaboration, and trust between finance and engineering so the company can focus on growth and innovation.


We partnered with LaceWork to offer our clients visibility and analysis for security compliance over multiple platforms. With Lacework, our comprehensive cloud security assessment can identify vulnerabilities across the entire scope of your cloud environments, and pinpoint misconfigurations before any data is compromised. We work together to mitigate risk and protect your business against threats.

Harness is the industry’s first Software Delivery Platform to use AI to simplify your DevOps processes - CI, CD, Feature Flags, Cloud Costs, and much more.


Cloudockit Container allows you to execute unlimited calls to the API and start your document, reports, and diagram generation directly from your own pipelines and processes. 

The EraSearch observability and analytics platform delivers low-cost, high-scale, real-time log management for modern IT teams of any size. Store and analyze all your logs in one place and get back to building your business.


Atsign is a community of Internet optimists compelled by the belief that privacy is a fundamental right. They are flipping the Internet by giving consumers control of their private information through the open-source @platform. This framework enables developers to create applications for People, Entities, and Things, featuring secure exchange of information between known parties.

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