CloudWerx has partnered with top cloud tech companies to further strengthen the expertise and services we can offer.


CloudWerx has chosen Google as a cloud partner because of the innovation, customization, collaboration and flexibility Google offers its partners when it comes to building optimized and secure cloud infrastructures.

The Ternary founding team is FinOps certified and amongst the first 30 certified FinOps practitioners in the world. Ternary creates tools at the intersection of Finance and Engineering with features based on FinOps principles. Ternary encourages engineers to take action by providing them visibility and context into their team's spend. Ternary helps create a culture of accountability, collaboration and trust between finance and engineering so the company can focus on growth and innovation.

We partnered with LaceWork to offer our clients visibility and analysis for security compliance over multiple platforms. With Lacework, our comprehensive cloud security assessment can identify vulnerabilities across the entire scope of your cloud environments, and pinpoint misconfigurations before any data is compromised. We work together to mitigate risk and protect your business against threats.

When it comes to AWS, CloudWerx utilizes CloudHealth to get full visibility on your cloud spend, identify immediate savings and build a long-term cost optimization roadmap.

FinOps is the practice of bringing together Finance, Technology and Business to master the unit economics of the cloud for business advantage. We work with the FinOps Foundation to help our clients define the financial operating model of their cloud, introduce accountability for their cloud spend, and finally introduce to their company a cultural practice that delivers ongoing financial and operational control.