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Introducing the CloudWerx Customer Growth Team

We are thrilled to announce our new Customer Growth Team, dedicated to providing an enhanced level of support to all customers who have chosen to partner with us. Customer growth lies at the heart of our business philosophy. We believe that fostering strong, long-term relationships with our customers is vital for mutual growth and prosperity. With this in mind, we have assembled a talented and dedicated team. Our own Eric Klostermann is stepping into the role of VP of Customer Growth.

“The pace of cloud technology is accelerating every single day. Our team's primary goal is to help our customers stay ahead of the curve by offering thoughtful, tailored roadmaps. We will focus on specific services and products, customized to meet their needs.” - Eric Klostermann

With so many different areas customers are eager to explore, our new team will help them reach new heights with proactive guidance. New products on GCP are constantly being released, bringing numerous questions from customers about which best fit their needs. Our growth team will have the bandwidth to educate and provide insight, not only in terms of how they use products, but also how their business fits into the larger Google ecosystem. For example, our team can assist in integrating with Google Marketplace or Vertex AI and suggest which APIs they can connect to in order to improve their product operations. This is just the beginning of the exciting features and functionality related to Generative AI that Google will be introducing across their suite of services.

Meet Eric

Eric Klostermann, who serves as the VP of Customer Growth at CloudWerx, has been an integral part of our organization for over two years. His primary focus is assisting companies in enhancing the efficiency, scalability, and security of their Google Cloud Platform (GCP) environments.

Prior to joining CloudWerx, Eric gained valuable expertise during his tenure at multiple high-growth, digital-native SaaS companies, where he held such positions as Sales Development Team Manager, Director of Sales, and VP of New Business Development. Eric has successfully assembled a team of highly skilled Account Managers. He is joined on the Customer Growth Team by Kendall Grasty and Forrest Pommer-Schindler. Eric continued, "I'm excited to introduce Forrest and Kendall, who have extensive experience in technical account management, SaaS, and product domains. They are well-suited to serve our ecosystem of digital-native customers."

Meet Kendall

Kendall Grasty excels in hands-on account management gained through her tenure at multiple technology consulting agencies. She pivoted to the product side when she accepted the role of Client Success Manager, and later Product Specialist, at Rallyhood. Kendall worked side-by-side with her customers to understand their product usage and business use cases, driving a number of product improvements that shaped the Rallyhood roadmap. This knowledge is critical in her new role. We are delighted to have Kendall joining our team as one of our Google Cloud Customer Growth Managers at CloudWerx.

Meet Forrest

Forrest Pommer-Schindler has built an impressive resume in account management. Previously, he managed the day-to-day operations of multiple high-profile production shoots for large-scale advertising campaigns. He launched products for some of the hottest technology companies in Silicon Valley, including Tesla. Acting as the primary point of contact, Forrest successfully scoped, created, and built multiple campaigns. He intimately understands how to take a customer's vision and make it a reality. These skills will be crucial as he works alongside our key accounts team to ensure we are delivering the highest quality solutions for our customers and making the impossible possible. We are thrilled to welcome Forrest to the CloudWerx Customer Growth team, after being promoted from his role as a Google Cloud Account Specialist to Google Cloud Customer Growth Manager. We are eagerly anticipating his contributions.

These three exceptional individuals epitomize the core values that define CloudWerx. Eric remarked, "The folks on my team excel at aligning customer challenges with unique solutions, leveraging the full potential of the Google ecosystem to benefit our customers." By harnessing their collective talents, they will work alongside our existing team to help enable our customers to maximize the capabilities of Google Cloud.

We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead with the establishment of our Customer Growth Team. Our unwavering commitment to customer success will remain a top priority as we continue to deliver exceptional support and unparalleled value.

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