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Addressing SSO Integration Challenges for Cleared4

Cleared4 — a COVID-19 related safety & compliance tech company — had an urgent need to integrate their application into customer SSO (Single sign-on). CloudWerx was hired to quickly address challenges including integration issues and a growing customer onboarding backlog.

The CloudWerx team streamlined Cleared4's deployment process, and within 1 week, CloudWerx was able to resolve all SSO integration issues — including vital missing customer data — allowing Cleared4 to reduce their customer onboarding time and shorten time to value. Cleared4 now utilizes CloudWerx expertise to integrate all customer-specific SSO information in a seamless onboarding process.

The Customer: Cleared4

Cleared4 is the most trusted and comprehensive cloud-based health verification platform on the market and works to make monitoring and managing COVID-19 related safety and compliance both easy and cost-effective. Cleared4 works with a wide variety of businesses and industries, and is scaling quickly to issue millions of COVID-19 health passes in the US per month.

The Challenge: Missing Customer Data

Due to high demand, Cleared4 was facing integration issues as a result of a growing customer onboarding backlog. At the time, Cleared4 used a core application that ran on Firebase and needed to be integrated with customer SSO based on SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language). While a SAML response was received by Firebase, there was no user data coming through.

Furthermore, there was no test account available for testing configuration changes before deployment so all changes had to be verified multiple times to avoid any downtime. This resulted in extended turnaround time and decreased deployment efficiency.

CloudWerx Solution

CloudWerx engineers started by running SAML tracing and worked closely with the Cleared4 team to resolve this issue quickly. For SSO to work correctly, CloudWerx configured the external IDP to accept the correct SAML authentication requests from Google Sign-In and to issue SAML assertions that are compatible with Google Sign-In. Additionally, after manual inspection, CloudWerx was able to find further configuration issues that were also resolved quickly.

Utilizing CloudWerx' GCP-Certified engineers, Cleared4 was able to meet the deadline and go live with their customers, ultimately winning their business and building trust for their brand. The CloudWerx solution also acted as a baseline for further SSO integrations.

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