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A Message from Jason

In the past 20 years I’ve spent in The Valley, I’ve seen a massive amount of change in technology. From computers that take up an entire room to computers in everyone’s pocket...the only constant in the tech industry is that nothing stays the same. Rapid acceleration, time to market, and staying innovative is what keeps tech companies relevant and growing—and the only way to do that confidently is with the right technical team executing with the latest features and function. The need for rapid business acceleration driven by access to top technical resources is exactly why myself and my Co-Founder Justin Fitzhugh founded CloudWerx. I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to CloudWerx: an engineering-focused cloud consulting firm that delivers elite technical talent to accelerate your business. Simply put—you’ll have access to people who’ve built the most scalable and complex environments in Silicon Valley. On a personal note, I’ve seen first-hand how hard and expensive it is to employ quality technical talent and stay ahead. The CloudWerx model is designed to give you access to the best resources only when you need them. We help you build the right architecture, security, and framework then train your employees to get them to the next level. After that? Well, we take a backseat and watch you accelerate until you hit your next big milestone. I’m excited to share CloudWerx with all of you. We look forward to contributing to your business’ acceleration then watching you take off. — Jason Geis, CEO and Co-Founder

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