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  • Wazo E-UC Stack Revolutionizes Communication on Google Marketplace

    CloudWerx is pleased to celebrate our latest graduate from our GCP Marketplace QuickStart Program: Wazo E-UC Stack by Wazo International. Its debut on Google Marketplace marks a significant step towards transforming the world of unified communications technology and empowering Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to offer exceptional UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) experiences. Wazo's innovative approach is set to redefine the global industry and provide a game-changing solution. Wazo understands the challenges faced by MSPs when trying to stand out in the market. Building a custom UCaaS platform from the ground up can be a time-consuming and expensive endeavor, and black-box systems come with their own set of challenges. This is where Wazo's expertise comes into play, utilizing straightforward, robust, and versatile APIs and integrations, they offer a fresh perspective on communication solutions. The Wazo E-UC Stack is the customizable, turnkey UCaaS solution, poised to make waves in the industry. It empowers MSPs to enhance their customer communication experiences with an intuitive and modern all-in-one platform, complete with a centralized management interface. What's more, deploying your platform takes days, not months, which means you can get to the market faster than ever before. Wazo is flexible and adaptable, allowing you to integrate it seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, ensuring that your security solutions remain in place. With both a cloud-native API-first UCaaS Solution and an all-in-one turnkey UC solution, Wazo E-UC offers multi-tenant enterprise-grade solutions, providing the essential IPBX features modern businesses need to succeed. Wazo's journey to revolutionize communication is driven by their exceptional team, with extensive experience in telecom and infrastructure management. This expertise enables them to deploy cutting-edge communication technologies that meet the evolving demands of the modern workforce. Wazo International is built on core principles that include a commitment to reshaping the communication landscape, designing solutions tailored for service providers, embracing progressiveness, innovation, and continuous evolution, and building APIs on a mature and reliable platform. The launch of the Wazo platform on Google Marketplace is a significant development that offers MSPs the tools they need to build customized, unique communication offerings. With Wazo, MSPs can take control of their data, infrastructure, and customers. With an expedited journey to the market, Wazo ensures MSPs they can deliver outstanding communication experiences to their clients as soon as possible. The Wazo E-UC Stack, now available on Google Marketplace, is a game-changer for MSPs looking to provide innovative communication solutions to their clients. With its customizable, turnkey UCaaS solution, Wazo is set to empower businesses and redefine the communication landscape. The days of lengthy and costly platform development are over, thanks to Wazo's modern approach, and this launch on Google Marketplace is just the beginning of an exciting journey in unified communications technology. Explore Wazo on Google Cloud Marketplace and learn more at

  • CWX CEO Interviews Newest Leadership - SVP of Professional Services

    Jason: Hi KMo! We are so excited to have you on our team. Can you share what initially drew you to CloudWerx and your decision to join us a few months ago? KMo: Absolutely! In my previous role, I had the opportunity to build a fantastic team that achieved remarkable revenue growth. However, I was more inclined towards growing teams than managing the day-to-day operations. So, I reached out to trusted contacts, including Google, to find partners who were truly excelling in adding value to customers. The unanimous answer was CloudWerx. After talking to Betsy yourself, and getting a sense of your drive and vision, I knew it was the right fit. The more I learned about CloudWerx's plans, the more hooked I became. I saw an opportunity to set up the groundwork for success and contribute to the company's 10x growth. It was a perfect match, and I'm thrilled to be here. Jason: It's fantastic to have you with us. Could you share more about your professional journey and how you arrived at this pivotal point in your career? KMo: My journey is quite unique. I spent 12 years in the US Marine Corps, where I built data centers in challenging environments worldwide. Surprisingly, this experience led me to the world of cloud technology. After my military service, I initially considered a career in Cisco networking but found my true passion in AWS and later Google Cloud. I led significant cloud migrations, including Bitly's move to GCP. When Google offered me a role, I gladly accepted. Over the years, I've helped numerous customers adopt cloud technologies and have dabbled in various tech areas. My superpowers are communication and team building, which I've combined in roles involving marketing, webinars, and leading teams with a strong focus on culture. Jason: Your Marine Corps background is impressive. How have you applied those skills to the tech industry and your everyday life? KMo: My "special sauce" persay, is building and leading teams. I draw from my Marine skills to foster camaraderie and leadership daily. Helping people in this way is a core perspective. On the process side, I enjoy building what we might call "doctrine" in the military—not rigid rules but our best understanding of excellence today. Jason: Your passion for your projects is clear. Can you share insights on what you believe has been the key to your success on this remarkable journey? KMo: I live by the quote, 'Nothing's real until you write it down.' It doesn't mean being rigid; it's about gaining an advantage by putting thoughts in writing first. To generate ideas, jot down something that might be entirely incorrect, share it, and say, 'This is it.' It's the most effective way to gather feedback on any document you're working on. That has helped me so much in my career. Jason: Are you keeping up with the current trends in the computing industry? What notable changes do you observe in the tech landscape, particularly in the cloud space? KMo: AI has been a catalyst for cloud adoption, offering a powerful tool for implementing machine learning. It's revolutionizing how we manage workloads and serve customers, similarly to how email transformed office communication. However, it's essential to recognize the limited number of individuals who can create advanced AI technologies. What truly matters is how we choose to utilize AI. Jason: With your busy life, what are your favorite hobbies in your spare time? KMo: In my spare moments, I enjoy working on podcasts, spending quality time with family, pursuing weightlifting and CrossFit, and staying active in fitness. Lately, I've been deeply involved in professional-grade greenhouse gardening in my backyard, focusing on hydroponic growth of tomatoes and spinach—an exciting and slightly out-of-control project!

  • Celebrating Success: Cloudwerx Named 2023 Google Cloud Sales Partner of the Year for North America

    In an era defined by the rapid evolution of technology, we’ve witnessed the constant quest for partners that can aid businesses in harnessing the potential of the cloud for operational transformation. Amid this ever-changing landscape, Cloudwerx has emerged as a beacon of excellence in the realm of cloud solutions. The year 2023 marks a pivotal moment for our company as we proudly announce our recognition as the Google Cloud Sales Partner of the Year for North America. This achievement not only reflects our steadfast commitment to innovation but also underscores our significant contributions to advancing cloud-based solutions. The honor of being named the Google Cloud Sales Partner of the Year for North America stands as a testament to our dedication and exceptional performance. Our journey to this remarkable achievement is characterized by our unwavering commitment to innovation. As businesses from diverse industries navigate the intricate landscape of digital transformation, we at Cloudwerx have consistently provided cutting-edge solutions that empower companies to leverage the cloud, driving improved efficiency, scalability, and agility. Our approach goes beyond just offering services; it's about forming partnerships that deliver enduring value. Our ability to comprehend each client's unique needs and tailor solutions accordingly has played a pivotal role in our success. From overseeing seamless cloud migration and optimizing infrastructure to enabling data analytics and machine learning, our array of offerings constitutes a comprehensive suite designed to guide businesses throughout their entire cloud journey. At the core of our accomplishments lies our exceptional team of experts. Their profound understanding of cloud technologies, coupled with their tact for helping businesses flourish, truly sets us apart. Our customer-centric approach is founded on the belief that our success is intricately linked to the achievements of our clients. This perspective has fostered enduring relationships with our clients, establishing our position as a trusted partner within the realm of cloud solutions. The announcement of our recognition as the Google Cloud Sales Partner of the Year for North America is not simply a feather in our cap; it is a collective triumph to which every team member, client, and partner has contributed. The award reaffirms our values and unwavering commitment to excellence. It amplifies our determination to continually push boundaries, set new industry benchmarks, and lead the way in technological innovation. The future holds even greater promise for Cloudwerx. We are positioned to build upon this success, continuously striving for excellence and innovation. Armed with our remarkable track record and a team of dedicated professionals, Cloudwerx is poised to shape the future of cloud solutions not only in North America but beyond.

  • CloudWerx Introduces Munish Gupta as New CIO

    We're excited to welcome Munish Gupta, who brings a wealth of engineering and technical success to our team. With nearly 12 years at Google, Munish has a strong background as a Technical Account Manager and is a holder of eight certifications, including Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Network Engineer and Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Security Engineer. Notably, Munish led a top-tier SRE organization at Google, showcasing his leadership in diverse and geo-distributed teams. His extensive experience in database engineering further solidifies our confidence in his role as a key driver of CloudWerx's ongoing business growth. This significant announcement follows the addition of Sidhant Gupta as our CTO earlier in March. CloudWerx is eagerly anticipating a dynamic partnership between Munish and Sidhant, collaborating on various strategic technical initiatives like technology governance, IT operations, and strategic planning. Munish Gupta shared his enthusiasm, stating, "I’m very excited for this opportunity. Technology is constantly evolving, and the only way to stay relevant is to keep at it. The way forward is to now build a world-class engineering team that has the passion and technical depth, and we will always strive to revolve around the fundamental principles of any solution — simplicity, reliability, security, and ability to automatically scale up and down." In the immediate term, we will look to Munish Gupta to steer the development and execution of CloudWerx's technology strategy, harmonizing it with our overarching business objectives. Key areas of focus will include vendor management, talent management, data management and security, as well as business continuity and disaster recovery. Reflecting on this milestone, Jason Geis, CEO of CloudWerx, shared, “Betsy Reed and I set out to form an exceptional engineering team at CloudWerx, dedicated to tackling the most formidable cloud-related obstacles with the most clientele in the field. We are thrilled to announce a remarkable addition to our Engineering team, extending a warm welcome to Munish Gupta.” CloudWerx is committed to driving innovation and excellence, and we are confident Munish's expertise will contribute significantly to our continued success

  • CloudWerx Welcomes Kyle "KMo" Moschetto as SVP of Professional Services

    CloudWerx is excited to welcome Kyle Moschetto (also known as “KMo”) to the CloudWerx team as SVP of Professional Services. KMo brings a remarkable depth of experience in the technology industry and particularly, Cloud Computing. His journey began in the Marine Corps, building data centers in remote locations, igniting his passion for the cloud domain. From there, he proceeded to work in key roles at Google Cloud in solutions and data center transformation, leaving his mark with numerous insightful videos, white papers, and blogs. Through the years, KMo has also served as CTO, Startup Founder, and most recently, Managing Director of Architecture and Innovation at SADA where he built a substantial team of the most experienced Google Cloud architects. With KMo’s expertise, CloudWerx is prepared for a bright future. KMo's "special sauce" per say, lies in his exceptional talent for building and leading teams, drawing inspiration from his Marine skills to foster camaraderie and strong leadership every day. This is just one way he supports and helps people. On the process side, he emphasizes the importance of developing "doctrine" – not rigid rules or standard operating procedures, but rather a collective understanding of what excellence looks like today, and encouraging everyone to explore methods for improvement. In his moments of downtime, KMo cherishes quality time with his family, indulges in his passion for fitness through CrossFit, and hosts a podcast with Marines from US Marine Forces Cyber Command. But that's not all – he's taken his love for cultivation to the next level by building a professional grade vegetable greenhouse in his backyard. For KMo, it's a grounding experience amidst the untouchable world of the cloud, allowing him to connect with the plants he grows. And, true to his expertise, he's brought in digital monitoring and hydroponic systems, enabling him to check in on his plants online, keeping a close eye on their progress and pH levels. A tech-savvy gardener indeed! “Our goal from day one was to build a World-Class Engineering team at CloudWerx focused on solving the toughest cloud challenges with the most scalable customers in the industry… We have added a significant piece to the Engineering team as we add KMo to our team. He embodies the culture we are building and brand we have within the Google ecosystem.” said Jason Geis, CEO of CloudWerx. We know KMo will be an absolute game changer for CloudWerx and bring a level of expertise, scalability, discipline and excellence to our organization that will be unparalleled. Please join us in welcoming KMo to the CloudWerx family!

  • Introducing the CloudWerx Customer Growth Team

    We are thrilled to announce our new Customer Growth Team, dedicated to providing an enhanced level of support to all customers who have chosen to partner with us. Customer growth lies at the heart of our business philosophy. We believe that fostering strong, long-term relationships with our customers is vital for mutual growth and prosperity. With this in mind, we have assembled a talented and dedicated team. Our own Eric Klostermann is stepping into the role of VP of Customer Growth. “The pace of cloud technology is accelerating every single day. Our team's primary goal is to help our customers stay ahead of the curve by offering thoughtful, tailored roadmaps. We will focus on specific services and products, customized to meet their needs.” - Eric Klostermann With so many different areas customers are eager to explore, our new team will help them reach new heights with proactive guidance. New products on GCP are constantly being released, bringing numerous questions from customers about which best fit their needs. Our growth team will have the bandwidth to educate and provide insight, not only in terms of how they use products, but also how their business fits into the larger Google ecosystem. For example, our team can assist in integrating with Google Marketplace or Vertex AI and suggest which APIs they can connect to in order to improve their product operations. This is just the beginning of the exciting features and functionality related to Generative AI that Google will be introducing across their suite of services. Meet Eric Eric Klostermann, who serves as the VP of Customer Growth at CloudWerx, has been an integral part of our organization for over two years. His primary focus is assisting companies in enhancing the efficiency, scalability, and security of their Google Cloud Platform (GCP) environments. Prior to joining CloudWerx, Eric gained valuable expertise during his tenure at multiple high-growth, digital-native SaaS companies, where he held such positions as Sales Development Team Manager, Director of Sales, and VP of New Business Development. Eric has successfully assembled a team of highly skilled Account Managers. He is joined on the Customer Growth Team by Kendall Grasty and Forrest Pommer-Schindler. Eric continued, "I'm excited to introduce Forrest and Kendall, who have extensive experience in technical account management, SaaS, and product domains. They are well-suited to serve our ecosystem of digital-native customers." Meet Kendall Kendall Grasty excels in hands-on account management gained through her tenure at multiple technology consulting agencies. She pivoted to the product side when she accepted the role of Client Success Manager, and later Product Specialist, at Rallyhood. Kendall worked side-by-side with her customers to understand their product usage and business use cases, driving a number of product improvements that shaped the Rallyhood roadmap. This knowledge is critical in her new role. We are delighted to have Kendall joining our team as one of our Google Cloud Customer Growth Managers at CloudWerx. Meet Forrest Forrest Pommer-Schindler has built an impressive resume in account management. Previously, he managed the day-to-day operations of multiple high-profile production shoots for large-scale advertising campaigns. He launched products for some of the hottest technology companies in Silicon Valley, including Tesla. Acting as the primary point of contact, Forrest successfully scoped, created, and built multiple campaigns. He intimately understands how to take a customer's vision and make it a reality. These skills will be crucial as he works alongside our key accounts team to ensure we are delivering the highest quality solutions for our customers and making the impossible possible. We are thrilled to welcome Forrest to the CloudWerx Customer Growth team, after being promoted from his role as a Google Cloud Account Specialist to Google Cloud Customer Growth Manager. We are eagerly anticipating his contributions. These three exceptional individuals epitomize the core values that define CloudWerx. Eric remarked, "The folks on my team excel at aligning customer challenges with unique solutions, leveraging the full potential of the Google ecosystem to benefit our customers." By harnessing their collective talents, they will work alongside our existing team to help enable our customers to maximize the capabilities of Google Cloud. We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead with the establishment of our Customer Growth Team. Our unwavering commitment to customer success will remain a top priority as we continue to deliver exceptional support and unparalleled value.

  • Automating Firezone VPN Server Setup on Google Cloud Platform with Terraform

    by Saurabh Singh In today's increasingly digital world, the need for secure, reliable, and flexible network access is more critical than ever. Whether you're a small business with a remote team, an enterprise with a branch office, or a group of developers needing a static IP, secure network access is paramount. One of the most common solutions to this problem is using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). A VPN allows you to create a secure connection over the internet to another network. This can be particularly useful for businesses that need to protect sensitive data or individuals who want to ensure their privacy online. However, setting up and managing a VPN can be a complex task, especially for small businesses without dedicated IT resources. That's where Firezone comes in. Firezone is a user-friendly, self-hosted VPN server that's designed to be easy to set up and manage. It uses the WireGuard protocol for fast, secure connections. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of setting up a Firezone VPN server on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) using Terraform. This solution is particularly relevant in the following scenarios: For a remote branch office needing secure access to cloud resources: GCP currently doesn't support Client-to-Cloud VPN, only site-to-site. Our setup allows for secure remote access to GCP resources without the need for a dedicated physical location. For an engineering team wanting a static IP: This is a common requirement for developers who want to ensure consistent access to resources, perform accurate tracking, or maintain whitelisted IP addresses. Using our setup, a static IP is assigned to the VPN server, providing a consistent access point for your team. For anyone wanting to host their own VPN: This could be for a myriad of reasons, including better control over data privacy, customized access control, or specific compliance requirements. Our setup allows you to have full control over your VPN server hosted in GCP. Whether you fit into one of these scenarios or have a different use case, this guide will help you set up a Firezone VPN server in GCP using Terraform. Let's get started. Prerequisites Before we delve into the prerequisites of our solution, let's take a moment to grasp the main components of how it operates. Our solution primarily utilizes three components: Firezone, WireGuard, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Firezone, a Linux package, is at the heart of our solution. It provides a simple web interface to manage your WireGuard VPN and firewall. The management of the Firezone installation is facilitated by the firezone-ctl utility while the VPN and firewall's management is handled by the Web UI​1​. WireGuard is a simple yet fast and modern VPN that utilizes state-of-the-art cryptography. In our solution, Firezone acts as a frontend to the WireGuard kernel module, creating a WireGuard interface (default called wg-firezone) for the VPN's operation​​. Our solution uses Google Cloud Platform (GCP), a suite of cloud computing services, to host and manage the VPN server. You also need to have a GCP account with a project set up. If you don't have one, you can create it here. Lastly, make sure you have the following software installed on your local machine: Terraform Google Cloud SDK Firezone requires a fully-qualified domain name (e.g., for production use. You'll need to create the appropriate DNS record at your registrar to achieve this. Typically this is either an A, CNAME, or AAAA record depending on your requirements. You can learn more about this here. Architecture Diagram Setting Up the Firezone VPN Server 1. Clone repo from here. to your GCP CLI machine. 2. Enable "Cloud Resource Manager API" and "Compute Engine API" on the GCP project. 3. Navigate to the directory containing the Terraform configuration files. 4. Initialize your Terraform workspace, which will download the provider plugins for GCP: terraform init 5. Validate the configuration: terraform validate 6. Review the execution plan: terraform plan -out=tfplan -var 'project_id=your-gcp-project-id' 7. Apply the changes: terraform apply "tfplan" After Terraform deploys, you will get an IP address in the output. Use it to configure domain custom records. instance_ip_address = "" 8. Run the following command and find out the DEFAULT_ADMIN_EMAIL and DEFAULT_ADMIN_PASSWORD: gcloud compute instances get-serial-port-output [INSTANCE_NAME] --zone=[ZONE] --project=[PROJECT_ID] 2>&1 | awk '/DEFAULT_ADMIN_EMAIL|DEFAULT_ADMIN_PASSWORD/ {for(i=1;i<=NF;i++) if ($i ~ /DEFAULT_ADMIN_EMAIL|DEFAULT_ADMIN_PASSWORD/) print $i}' | grep -E "DEFAULT_ADMIN_EMAIL=|DEFAULT_ADMIN_PASSWORD=" | grep -v "Specify --start" The output should look like: DEFAULT_ADMIN_PASSWORD=xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 9. Go to your domain management service website (for Google Domains, go to Take Google Domain as an example, go to manage, then navigate to DNS. Click on manage custom records. Fill out Host name, Type, and Data. Then you will be able to login and manage the Firezone server via Congratulations! You have set up a Firezone VPN server in GCP! Next, you can log in using the credentials retrieved from step 8 and perform the following steps for VPN usage: Create User Add Device Wireguard Installation and Connect

  • CloudWerx is Launch Partner for Google Cloud Gen AI

    CloudWerx, a launch partner for Google Cloud Generative AI, is excited to be bringing our clients cutting-edge generative AI solutions to unlock fresh possibilities. Powered by Google Cloud's advanced AI infrastructure, we are expanding our practice to include a wide range of Gen AI solutions. Generative AI is still a young field, but it has the potential to revolutionize the way we create content, solve problems, and interact with the world around us. Google Cloud is a leading provider of cloud computing services, and its AI infrastructure is one of the most advanced in the world. We are helping our clients stay ahead of the curve and utilize groundbreaking tools to improve their business processes, such as customer service, marketing, task automation and product development. Together with Google, we are providing comprehensive assistance to our clients in reevaluating their organizational structure from a holistic standpoint. This involves analyzing how their operating model evolves and determining the necessary applications for their work. Our aim is to facilitate a swift adoption of this technology while ensuring seamless business continuity through effective transition management. We are actively engaged in assisting clients in harnessing the power of generative AI through real-world applications. Our expertise extends to collaborating with customers in crafting innovative customer experiences and supporting consumer product companies in reimagining their business strategies. With our strong engineering capabilities, we can tailor the model according to each customer's unique use cases. In our new Generative AI Workshop, we empower customers to leverage the capabilities of AI and foundation models, enabling them to enhance productivity and foster business innovation. Our team of seasoned experts can provide guidance on navigating the vast landscape of Google Cloud's Generative AI. Together, we will explore, conceptualize, and prioritize use cases that drive sustainable growth for businesses. To learn more about how CloudWerx can help you with your generative AI needs, please contact us today.

  • Coffee With CloudWerx | Ep 5: Darren Mowry

    “The Google Cloud I'm currently a part of is not the Google Cloud I joined, in a very positive way. There’s so much forward momentum coming from Thomas Kurian and our leadership team in thinking about what the customers need from us and how we pivot the organization really quickly to show up and meet the customer where they are on their journey,” - Darren Mowry We’ve got an extra special episode of Coffee with CloudWerx for you today! While we usually use this segment to sit down with our Google Cloud customers to understand their missions, origin stories, and projects, this episode features Darren Mowry - Managing Director for North America at Google Cloud. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to host Mowry; a seasoned technology executive with over 22 years of experience in various leadership roles at Dell, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services (AWS) before joining Google Cloud as the Managing Director for North America in December 2021. “Frankly, I don't even think we've begun to see all of the outcomes we're going to be able to deliver for customers… I’ve seen you and the [CloudWerx] team… consistently pick your swim lanes and be truly world class at those things. That's what customers expect from Google - that we're going to bring in the best." Throughout his career, Mowry has been a key player in the cloud computing industry, helping organizations to innovate, optimize, and grow their businesses. As the Managing Director for North America at Google Cloud, he is responsible for the company’s growing businesses focused on regional enterprises and startups/digital natives. He leverages his experience and expertise to help customers harness the power of Google Cloud's advanced technologies and solutions. His passion for GCP customers, his team, and Google Cloud are evident, and it’s particularly compelling to hear about changes he’s seen in Google in his short tenure. “The Google Cloud I'm currently a part of is not the Google Cloud I joined, in a very positive way. There’s so much forward momentum coming from Thomas Kurian and our leadership team in thinking about what the customers need from us and how we pivot the organization really quickly to show up and meet the customer where they are on their journey,” said Mowry. Having held leadership roles at all three hyper scalers, Mowry has an uncommonly strong pulse on Google Cloud's differentiators and he gives invaluable insight to how companies of all types can benefit from what GCP has to offer. At each company, he has shown his acumen for building and developing outstanding teams. CloudWerx is privileged to work with his Google team to accelerate our customer’s businesses day in and day out. His passion for GCP customers, his team, and Google Cloud are evident in this interview and his enthusiasm and eloquence make for an interview you won’t want to miss! So grab yourself a cup of joe and and enjoy and take a break with Coffee with CloudWerx!

  • New Faces At CloudWerx

    Our family is growing and we can’t keep it to ourselves! We’d like to take this chance to formally introduce you to the four newest team members of the CloudWerx Team. Each of these individuals brings a unique set of skills and experience that we believe will help us continue to innovate and provide 11/10 service to our customers. First, join us in welcoming Sidhant Gupta as our new Chief Technology Officer. He joins CloudWerx with experience as a former director of product incubation at Microsoft and holds a substantial background in research, development, and commercialization. Graduating with a PhD from the University of Washington’s Computer Science & Engineering department, and holding 18 full-utility patents, Sidhant has previously worked on complex hardware and software systems across healthcare, interaction design, security, and sustainability. He will be essential to our expansion in the coming years and will bring our engineering offerings to the next level. In January, we announced the appointment of Saurabh Singh as our new Principal Cloud Architect. Saurabh comes to us with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the cloud computing industry. An experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the wireless industry Saurabh has a proven track record of success. His skills in Embedded Software, Device Drivers, WIFI RF, LTE protocols, DSP design and systemC modeling will make him key in shaping the future of engineering at our company. As Principal Cloud Architect, Saurabh will be responsible for leading our team of cloud architects, collaborating with clients to design and implement cloud-based solutions, and driving innovation in our cloud offerings. We are also excited to introduce Jeff Guilfoyle as our new Vice President of Sales. With 10+ years of experience in the public cloud and software, Jeff has a proven track record of driving revenue growth through innovation and optimization for companies with a specific focus on digital transition, innovation, and strategy. Jeffrey will be responsible for leading our outstanding GCP consultants and developing strategies to drive new business and increase customer retention. His skill in sales leadership, customer engagement, and team leadership will be invaluable in accelerating our growth and expanding our customer base. Then, there’s Jimmy Steinmetz, who brings a wealth of experience to his role as Data and Analytics Team Lead. Jimmy's expertise is drawn from his time as Crossroads CX as co-founder and Chief Analytics Officer, utilizing an array of tools to generate top-quality insights from data across multiple verticals. Jimmy developed both proprietary and open-source solutions to tackle some of today's most complex data problems and he will be instrumental in enhancing our data analytics capabilities and helping our customers gain new insights into their business operations. Finally, we are proud to welcome Chris Birk as our new Application Development Team Lead. Chris graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Computer Science and has founded several startups and nonprofits in addition to Crossroads CX with Jimmy. Chris led the development team that built open source applications to help citizens engage with legislators on proposed legislation. These applications were implemented by the US Congress, White House, and even the Government of Mexico. In his new role at CloudWerx, Chris will lead the Application Development team and help clients optimize their applications on GCP. We know our clients will be in good hands as Chris ensures their applications are secure, cost-optimized, and performant using current infrastructure best practices. As we continue to grow and expand our offerings, we believe that these new hires will play a crucial role in helping us achieve our ambitious goals. We look forward to working with Sidhant, Jeff, Jimmy, and Chris and seeing the impact they will make at CloudWerx as we push the boundaries of what's possible in the cloud computing space. Keep an eye out for more updates soon. We have many exciting things in the “werks.”

  • Coffee With CloudWerx | Episode 4 - Konstantin Bayandin

    Q1 has been a whirlwind of events, travel, and amazing work opportunities for our team, but we’re finally back with another Coffee With CloudWerx. We love to work with companies and leaders that are trailblazing and creating truly unique products and applications on GCP. Taking time out of our busy schedules to sit down with them to understand their missions, origin stories, and exciting projects is always a pleasure and reminder of why we do this in the first place! Join Betsy Reed (Co-Founder and CRO of CloudWerx) as she enjoys a Coffee break with the movers and shakers we proudly call our clients. In our latest episode, Betsy is joined by Konstantin Bayandin - Founder and CEO of This seed-stage startup is paving the way for predictive marketing to be used to equip businesses with long sales and LTV cycles with the tools needed to run successful, e-commerce-like digital marketing campaigns. This innovative artificial intelligence platform not only aims to improve marketing, but can optimize operations and offer invaluable insights into the business processes. is a powerful machine learning platform that can analyze vast amounts of data and identify patterns and trends that would be difficult or impossible for humans to uncover. One of the key features of is its ability to help businesses better understand their customers. By analyzing customer data and behavior patterns, can provide insights into what drives customer behavior, what motivates them to make purchases, and how businesses can improve their customer experience. This information can be used to create more effective marketing campaigns, improve customer service, and develop better products and services. After graduating from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology with a M.S. in theoretical physics, Konstantin cut his teeth in marketing as the CMO of Ozon.Ru, sometimes called “the Amazon of Russia.” After moving to the United States to work for Compass in 2019, he observed the difficulties of digital marketing for a longer sales cycle like those in real estate. The idea for was born and he partnered with Dmitry Popov to found the company in April of 2020. Since their inception, has been accepted to the StartX Startup Accelerator program and the Google for Startups Cloud Program and more recently, has been awarded a patent for their predictive analytics technology. Konstanin’s unique perspective as a theoretical physicist and insight as a previous director of digital marketing are clearly positively impacting and their innovative new product and they make for a riveting interview. The conversation also touches on’s empowerment of salespersons by focusing their efforts and the company’s choice to partner with CloudWerx for Google Cloud. So grab your preferred work break beverage and enjoy a few minutes of Coffee with CloudWerx.

  • Three Cloud Predictions for 2023

    2022 held unprecedented expansion and innovation for cloud computing. AI and ML-powered cloud became an essential offering from the Big 3, open source cloud continued to evolve, and multi-cloud became mainstream. As the first month of 2023 comes to a close, the cloud computing industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Here are my three predictions for what is on the horizon in cloud computing: 1. There will be a Continued Rise in Cloud Adoption. Despite the pressure of inflation, many more mid-market and enterprise companies stand ready to develop and deploy cloud-native applications this year. These applications are made possible by the maturing cloud market. You can now create a more secure computing environment that can automatically scale up and down to dynamically meet your burstable workloads. It's also now possible to spin up and down cloud environments in minutes, whereas it takes months to order, receive, rack and deploy hardware and software you purchased. Companies are looking to do more with less, and the public cloud's scalability, combined with being able to rapidly provision, and de-provision compute capacity at will, means more predictable costs. This predictability over operating expenses diminishes the economic risk of innovation, allowing businesses to be as flexible as they need in the face of economic uncertainty. 2. Security Will Continue to Become More Complex and a Focus Area for Companies. Organizations are not only focused on growth. They are putting an even stronger emphasis on customer trust. In the face of growing data breaches over the past years that resulted from cyber attacks, navigating security is more important than ever. As more companies move sensitive data and workloads to the cloud, I anticipate that security will become a top priority for organizations in 2023 with companies factoring in security earlier in their cloud adoption process. This includes securing data and ensuring compliance with various regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, and SOC2. Furthermore, an increasing number of enterprises are adopting a combination of multiple cloud providers to create a multi-cloud or hybrid environment for added flexibility and cost savings. This significantly compounds the complexity of security management. We can expect many companies to increase their cloud spending on security to build resilience in the coming year and a marked uptick in Security-as-a-Service providers. 3. We Are Still in the Early Stages of Cloud Maturity Around Automation and Monitoring. One of cloud technology's most robust potentials is automation, which will prove a key priority for IT in 2023. The ability to nullify tedious manual tasks through automation and self-service is just the beginning. Besides its capacity to be a highly effective cost-reduction strategy during a recession, it promises easier management of hybrid environments, which are still on the rise. Hybrid cloud will prove more resilient than on-prem as automaton features like continuous monitoring can identify issues before they become problematic, and system backups can safeguard against server failures. Automation backed by ML and AI technologies will enhance security in cloud environments through automated incident response systems and threat intelligence platforms. Overall, 2023 promises to be an exciting year for the cloud computing industry, with continued growth and innovation on the horizon. Businesses that are able to take advantage of these advancements and reduce costs through a cloud-first approach to scaling will be well-positioned to thrive in the coming year.

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