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The State of Cloud and Data Security: A Recap of Our Event with Lacework

On Wednesday, July 21st, CloudWerx teamed up with arguably the hottest security company in Silicon Valley, Lacework for our first in-person event! Lacework, who just received $500M in funding and announced a Co-CEO who hails from Facebook is on an unstoppable trajectory and we’re thrilled to be partnered with them to bring their best-in-class solution to our customers.

Lacework is the industry’s first solution that brings automation, speed and scale to cloud security which enables enterprises to safely innovate in the cloud at the speed of DevOps. The Lacework Cloud Security Platform is cloud-native and offered as-a-Service; delivering build-time to run-time threat detection, behavioral anomaly detection, and cloud compliance across multi cloud environments, workloads, containers, and Kubernetes.

In regards to our Lacework partnership, the CloudWerx CEO Jason Geis had this to say:

“Lacework has the best leadership and technology out of any of the security companies we have evaluated partnering with. This is the kind of innovative technology that solves real business challenges facing digital native companies today.”

The event itself featured yummy appetizers, a guided whiskey tasting and expert presentations from the CEO of Lacework, David Hatfield, and leaders at CloudWerx. Checkout some of our favorite moments from the event below!

When it comes to Cloud Security, “finding and hiring the right team that can execute on the company vision and make the right technology decisions” (Jason Geis) can be one of the biggest challenges facing company decision-makers, as well as "managing the exploding data, hiring talent, and enabling innovation while protecting your business" (David Hatfield).

That’s why we’ve partnered with Lacework, who according to the CEO David Hatfield "was founded with the premise that security is a data problem at its core, and in the cloud, it's a massive data problem." Our promise as an engineering-focused consulting firm is to help your business accelerate through these challenges. Part of what comes with our consulting practice is a partnership with the best-in-class tools and technology like Lacework. We pair these tools with our expert engineering talent to help our clients scale with confidence.

Interested in working with CloudWerx and Lacework for your business’ cloud security needs? Sign up for a Security Assessment Here! And be sure to come to our next event full of cloud expertise, food, good conversations, and even better drinks!

Ready to Work with Lacework & CloudWerx on Your Company's Cloud Security Strategy?

Contact us via our website or call (206) 999-3517.

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