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Q&A with Jason - Partner Mike Hamilton

We were thrilled to see our friend and partner, Mike Hamilton of Databricks, featured in a recent article at Profile Magazine. The article highlights his outstanding leadership qualities and how to prioritize people in the world of technology. CloudWerx has provided ITaaS to Databricks to support their recent and substantial growth. Our founder and CEO, Jason Geis, met Mike back in 2016 when he ran IT at LiveVox. They’ve maintained a closeness both in and out of the office, and just a few weeks ago, were able to enjoy the California sunshine with a trip to the golf course. Recently, we sat down to ask Jason a few questions about his experiences with the man of the hour. What do you admire about Mike? Mike is an extremely strong leader and knows how to build empowered and supported teams. Aside from always having a great time with Mike both personally and professionally, we always say that he has the “Midas Touch,” meaning that whatever company he goes to, he turns to gold. As one of Mike’s “Strategic Technology Consultants” how does he interact/interface with CloudWerx? Mike is our main point of contact and is an excellent communicator. He sets high standards for us to add value and help impact his team. He’s clear on the goals and mission that we need to achieve in order to be most impactful to DataBricks; but, he always ensures alignment with his team and that they are fully on board with the work we’re doing and the results we’re producing. Why is CloudWerx excited about working with Databricks? DataBricks is one of the hottest, fastest-growing companies in the industry and it’s been a ton of fun riding along with them to help impact and support their growth and scale. How does CloudWerx help find the “right people” for Databricks to work with? The industry experience and relationships that we have allow us to tap into an extensive network of highly qualified tech professionals. How can CloudWerx relate to or comment on the statements Mike makes for the article about “the people” being at the center of his hiring and business process? We have a strong shared ethos with this sentiment. Mike is a very unique blend of sophisticated technology work and deep expertise in technology but also knows how to work well with and motivate others. This translates into the team he’s built and the way in which he facilitates the IT Team’s role and works for the rest of the organization. In addition to the ongoing ITaaS work CloudWerx has partnered with Databricks on, what does the partnership’s future have in store? We intend to continue to support DataBricks with their ever-growing scaling needs and want to be a strategic partner for them from day-to-day tasks to large-scale strategic initiatives. We thank Jason for sharing his thoughts and congratulate Mike, once again, on his ongoing successes. As proud partners, we love to see his unique talents recognized and commended. Check out the article by Profile Magazine here. Schedule a complimentary hour of ITaaS consulting with CloudWerx here.

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