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GCP Training for DWaaS Company: Databricks

CloudWerx offers fully customized AWS to GCP migration training.

This year, CloudWerx helped the leading Silicon Valley Data Warehousing as a Service (DWaaS) software platform through a thorough Environment Discovery Assessment across IT, Security, and Product teams. During the assessment, CloudWerx was able to support the planning of further GCP growth through fully customized AWS to GCP migration training.

The Subject

The Subject is a software platform that helps its customers unify their analytics across the business, data science, and data engineering. They provide a Unified Analytics Platform for data science teams to collaborate with data engineering and lines of business to build data products.

The Challenge

The Subject is a fast-growing private company, striving towards becoming public with a strong hybrid cloud approach. CloudWerx was tasked with designing and implementing a new GCP environment for the client, evaluating current AWS infrastructure, migrating & qualifying AWS applications to GCP environments, and providing client-focused designated courses for the client’s DevOps team.

CloudWerx Solution

CloudWerx provided four 1-hour training sessions around these four topics: Logging, Asset Identification, VPC, and IAM. With read-only access, CloudWerx accessed the architecture identified in the sessions, including Asset Identification, VPC and IAM. This allowed CloudWerx to understand the client’s current environment and allowed us to focus the sessions on the client’s specific needs.

What Happened Next...

Through a thorough Environment Discovery Assessment across the Subject's Company (IT, Security and Product) teams, CloudWerx was able to support the planning of further GCP growth through fully customized AWS to GCP migration training.

Cloudwerx delivered custom GCP migration training curricula as well as internally-developed single-topic “deep dive” technical presentations. The customer gained a more thorough understanding of those topics, which guided them to refactor several elements of their environment to align with best practices. Further, the customer was empowered to better implement the highlighted technologies in other projects.

Key Results

  • 100% of the attendees gave the feedback that they would attend another training session lead by CloudWerx.

  • The most valuable parts were:

    • "The comparisons to other cloud vendors, since we have a hybrid cloud approach."

    • "The hands-on demonstrations and configuration examples"

  • 100% of the attendees reported the level of effort in the course was either very good or excellent.

We specialize in these types of training and migrations to GCP. If you feel this service would benefit your business and team, get in touch!

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