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Designing Chips In The Cloud

The Cloud Is (Finally) Ready For Chip Design.

Listen, we get it. Designing semiconductor devices is hard, really hard. It’s a constant battle between innovation, schedule, risks and costs. At least now you don’t need to worry about creating specialized computing capabilities for hosting your EDA tools, IP and design flow – with some help from CloudWerx and Google. According to Cisco: “By 2021, 94-percent of workloads and compute instances will be processed by cloud data centers.” It’s time to leverage the power of this technology when designing semiconductors. CloudWerx and Google are at the forefront of this exciting new technology, helping customers to design chips in the cloud, resulting in faster time-to-market and lower costs.

Discover the Three Key Differentiators for Designing Chips in the Cloud

  • On-demand Compute Resources: Harnessing the flexibility of cloud-compute can give semiconductor development dynamic access to more compute resources for peak load times.

  • Time-to-Market: When design iterations happen faster, we get to market faster.

  • Enhanced Security and Collaboration: Combine the best design infrastructure with the best security protection.

Finally, semiconductor design can realize the benefits of the cloud.

Design team can now...

  • Take advantage of peak compute scaling any time for any team

  • Securely enable use of the skills and knowledge of partners around the world

  • Operate with the same secure-by-default practices as

  • Utilize state of the art hardware and compute acceleration at all times

For the demanding, high value and complex infrastructure of chip design, you need a partner close at hand. CloudWerx brings legendary expertise and at-the-ready support for designing semiconductor devices in the cloud.

Finally, semiconductor design can realize the benefits of the cloud.

Ready to Work with CloudWerx on Cloud Chip Design for your Semiconductors? Contact us!

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