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Cost Optimization with CloudWerx

Reduce Spend and Optimization Performance with CloudWerx's Cost Optimization

Our Engineering-Focused Cost optimization Specialists Have Optimized Billions of Dollars of Cloud Spend Across the Largest and Most Complex Environments

According to Gartner's 2020 cloud spend study, more than 80% of companies overspend in the cloud. Often, the pressure of getting to market quickly, or scaling exponentially, can push companies and IT departments to spin up cloud environments quickly and in an unstructured manner. These cloud environments can then go unregulated, making cloud costs grow to obscene heights and cost attribution challenging to pin down due to the unregulated nature of the cloud usage. Businesses facing these issues may struggle to know the steps to take to redistribute usage and reduce cloud cost. This is where CloudWerx comes in.

CloudWerx's Cloud Optimization Practice

  • Increase Engineering Team Efficiency by 20%

  • Save 10-50% on Monthly Cloud Spend

  • Increase Profitability and Accountability Across the Organization

We offer companies facing cloud usage and spend problems a solution. This starts with our Cost Optimization Assessment and is followed by a tailored Remediation Strategy and Roadmap to ensure you can put our recommendations to use to achieve savings as soon as possible. Our Cloud Cost Optimization Practice provides clients a deep and thorough analysis of their current cloud spend; techniques to find underutilized or unused cloud space; recommendations for better cloud usage; and a framework to better understand, manage, and continuously optimize cloud spend. Our Cloud Assessment and Optimization Practice saves our clients an average of 23% on Monthly Cloud Spend. These savings can ultimately reduce the cost of goods and can be used to add headcount, reinvest in the business, and increase profits.

CloudWerx's Cloud Optimization Process

  • Assessment (2-4 Weeks)

  • Remediation (4-8 Weeks)

  • Ongoing Optimization (Quarterly Audits)

For our clients, we first illuminate where there are cost inefficiencies and work to make your business' engineers, infrastructure, and architecture more productive. Our technical experts help you create a more robust environment and supplement your team to accelerate your business at scale. More than just saving you money, CloudWerx builds you a more efficient cloud infrastructure for longterm savings and growth. CloudWerx's cloud engineering approach offers clients unique software tools and focused technical expertise, unavailable elsewhere, to provide invaluable solutions and savings.

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