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Complimentary GCP Architecture Review

Fully leverage the power of GCP and find out if your GCP Environment is set up to run as efficiently and securely as possible as your company scales up with our GCP Architecture Review.

Navigating all of the cloud computing services that are available in the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) ecosystem is a huge undertaking. Selecting the right products that are designed to support your company’s specific cloud computing needs is a monumentally important task that requires a deep background in everything that’s available on GCP.

The goal of the Cloudwerx GCP Architecture Review is to ensure that you’re using the right product set and that your GCP environment is set up to run as efficiently and securely as possible by leveraging the full power of GCP.

The Process

Step 1 - Discovery:

  • Conduct a 1-hour Technical Discovery session with the team that oversees your GCP environment.

  • Evaluate your current architecture diagram and any existing GCP workloads using our 178-point GCP Best Practices Checklist.

The goal of this technical discovery is for our engineering team to understand 3 main things:

(1) How is your GCP environment currently laid out?

(2) What are the current GCP products/services that you’re using?

(3) What application or business-specific requirements does your GCP environment need to support?

Step 2 - Compare + Upgrade :

  • Run a scan on your environment to compare current architecture against our GCP Best Practices Checklist.

  • Take results to produce a Prioritized Project Roadmap of improvements and upgrades that you can make to your GCP architecture to improve the efficiency, scalability, and security of your environment.

  • Delivered Roadmap will be specific to your company and how you’re leveraging GCP today and will highlight how each of these improvements will reduce cost and improve performance.

During our GCP Architecture Review, we will...

  • Perform technical discovery on existing GCP workloads including:

    1. Comprehensive architecture review and assessment

    2. Cloud security assessment

    3. Cost optimization assessment and recommendations

    4. Updated architecture diagram down to the resource level

  • Hold a series of architecture planning and design workshop sessions with customer stakeholders to identify business and technical challenges, and possible solutions.

  • Discuss containerization strategy for any applicable workload(s)

  • Plan infrastructure upgrades for in-scope workload(s)

  • Identify requirements for automation, management, and deployment strategies

Key Deliverables

  • 2 technical workshop sessions hosted by CloudWerx engineering team (includes technical discovery, environment design session, and deliverable review)

  • Finalized Technical Design Document, including GCP best practices scorecard, comprehensive architecture diagram, security risk assessment, and recommended project set

  • Google Cloud pricing calculator with cost estimate (if necessary)

  • CloudWerx recommended next steps and a project-based roadmap

Through the CloudWerx GCP Architecture Review, we will provide recommendations to help your team design and operate an efficient, high-performing, and cost-effective GCP environment that supports your business' current needs and future growth.

This expert guidance is complementary to our customers, so what are you waiting for?

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