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CloudWerx ITaaS FlexTeam

If your digital native business needs scalable IT solutions that can adapt quickly to market demand, then IT as a Service (ITaaS) is the logical solution. CloudWerx now provides more flexible solutions than ever before with a variety of engagement options.

These include:

  • FlexTeam

    • Flexible, project-focused group of SME’s consisting of two to eight resources with complementing skill sets + a dedicated EM and dedicated Tech Writer

  • Full-Time Support

    • Staff augmentation to support current team in an ongoing scope

  • Elastic Bench / Burstable Support

    • Expand and contract resources based on specific needs - short term, long term, full time and part-time

  • Maturity Modeling

    • Assesses current capabilities, then deliver a roadmap to accelerate existing IT teams

Our aim is to give you the agility to respond to customer and market demands while budgeting confidently with transparent IT costs.

Introducing the FlexTeam

The CloudWerx FlexTeam model is an innovative approach to eliminate risk from lack of cost control and deliver the support you need as efficiently as possible.

A FlexTeam is a project-oriented, flex-time, group of highly skilled subject matter experts with a proven track record of delivering complex IT projects on time and within budget. CloudWerx provides you with 2 - 4 Architectural, Engineering, and Business Use Case experts as needed as well as a dedicated Engagement Manager and Tech Writer.

  • A Technical Writer builds and manages proper documentation to ensure high quality, single source of truth, commands great communication, and promotes highly effective, consistent messaging.

  • An Engagement Manager provides supervision, planning, and coordination to bring projects to completion on time and within budget. Guiding our team on your behalf, CW’s expert - Engagement Managers ensure success

FlexTeam Features

  • Base committed rate (Billing) based on expected maximum blended hours per week for all resources

  • Flexibility to use more or less of any given resource or resource tier in a given week, within reason

  • Flat rate billing per week up to base hours

  • Unlimited overage hours available each week, within reason, at applied overage rate

  • Flexibility to adjust forward base commitment as needs adjust over time

  • No long-term contracts

ITaaS FlexTeam Success Story

The Challenge:

Compliance: Identity Governance

  • Integrate and Automate User Access Certification for FedRAMP, PCI, SOC2, HITRUST

  • Multiple systems involving onboarding / offboarding / time-bombed access

  • Multiple solution options - in-house + vendor offerings

The Solution:

A Multi-disciplined Expert Team

  • CWX FlexTeam autonomously managed the project - 2 SMEs, EM and TW Documenting / Presenting

  • IGA vendor reviews, stakeholder interviews, current process ID and proposed process enhancements

  • Team of experts in a focused, part-time capacity freed stakeholders to concentrate on their existing workloads with minimal distraction

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