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CloudWerx has been “all in” and Exclusively Committed to Google’s Cloud Platform - here's why.

Companies are continuing to migrate to Cloud Computing at an impressive rate and are weighing the benefits of cloud platforms more scrupulously than ever before. Cloud providers are able to deliver scalability, cost savings, and security with unprecedented efficacy. However, only a few technology companies lead the way in the cloud space: Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure.

These giants dominate the market share, and CloudWerx chose to exclusively align with just one of the three major hyperscalers: Google Cloud. As one of the fastest growing partners, there’s been interest in why CloudWerx decided to singularly join forces with GCP over AWS and Azure.

Jason Geis (CEO and Co-Founder) and Betsy Reed (VP and Co-Founder) sat down with CRN’s Editor, Mark Haranas, last week to talk about the “why” behind their exclusive partnership with Google.

Comparing products

AWS accounts for 33% of the market share, and Azure is just behind with 22%, with Google Cloud only accounting for a 10% share. Reed said, “Obviously, Amazon’s the leader. Then you have Azure and then you have Google coming up in third place but it’s not because the product isn’t superior, it’s because they [Google] historically focused more of their energy on building a world-class cloud platform, rather than trying to drive the most customers to their platform (which was the focus of AWS and Azure). Google laid the technological foundation needed to catapult them past AWS and Azure and provide long-term sustained growth.”

Long before the dawn of cloud computing, Google was a universally accepted leader in the technology arena. Now a major player in the cloud game, it’s known for its innovation and expertise in both hardware and software. This has paved the way for GCP to contend with and eventually surpass its competitors.

“Google now, in our humble opinion, has the best-in-class cloud platform with the Google Cloud Platform having some of the most advanced native features, security applications and otherwise. Now it’s just all down to executing on the go-to-market strategy and telling the story of Google’s world-class cloud platform,” said Reed. If a company is seeking IaaS, SaaS, or PaaS solutions, Google Cloud offers a myriad of market-leading cloud products and services. This catalog of solutions is advancing and expanding rapidly as Google continues to innovate and build more tools and solutions for their customers. Figures indicate that they are not only keeping up with AWS, but claiming increasing market share for themselves.

With a focus on Digital Native companies, CloudWerx is seeing significant growth with engineering-based enterprises. Even companies that were previously dedicated to AWS are pursuing an advantage through GCP. “We’re seeing a ton of this now in Silicon Valley where the customers that are [running their workloads] 100 percent on AWS, now want more leverage [and technical innovation]. Once they start to play around with Google, they love it,” said Geis.

How did CloudWerx Decide?

“The opportunity with GCP and our commitment to going all-in on GCP and being an exclusive partner and not spreading ourselves across Azure and AWS is based on the fact that we want to represent the most amazing product possible,” said Reed.

“It would have been hard to be relevant to AWS. AWS is an amazing company, I just think Google has a different culture, especially from the GCP standpoint,” said Geis. Google Cloud works side by side with its partners to pair them with ideal clients, particularly with a company like CloudWerx which can offer metrics to demonstrate their involvement and commitment to existing clientele.

“In terms of the channel, there’s an immense amount of opportunity. We can shine above competitors because we bring a really nuanced and unique approach to [our customer engagements].” said Reed. CloudWerx has, from the beginning, aimed to disrupt the partner ecosystem by offering far more than simply resale and billing options. Their commitment to the success and growth of each customer has ensured their 100% customer retention and earned their customers’ trust for the long haul.

How they Accelerated so Rapidly

CloudWerx is prepared to meet customers wherever they are in their cloud journey. By reselling the best-in-class products offered by Google Cloud, they can assist in a multi-cloud or hybrid cloud capacity. Google has unparalleled flexibility and native features that don’t exist elsewhere. These features are engineer-friendly but are also utilized best with the guidance of a premier partner like CloudWerx. “Then also just the nature of the security that comes into play with Google Cloud is unsurpassed, and that’s really a primary element to so many of our customers’ concerns,” said Reed.

Google is acclaimed for its pledge to provide the highest level of cloud security. This is built on the foundation of a security model with a decade-long history.

“It provides flexibility. So when you pair the opportunity, the flexibility, and the elite value of Google Cloud Platform – with an implementation partner like a CloudWerx – it’s the perfect storm. Because we can say, ‘Here’s how you architect it, here’s how you scale it, here’s how you secure it,” said Reed.

With the explosion of digital native companies and their snowballing spend on cloud resources, CloudWerx is set to see growth unlike any before. “We’re at the right place, at the right time. Google Cloud is our chosen brand. We believe in it because it’s the best,” said Reed.

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