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CloudWerx DevOps Workshop Series

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

CloudWerx Google Cloud Partner DevOps Workshop Series

CloudWerx is proud to announce our DevOps Workshop Series! Our team has been working closely with the Google team to create a set of hands-on workshops that are focused on the 4 primary Google Cloud solution pillars: 1) Infrastructure 2) Cloud Security 3) Cloud Migration & Multi-Cloud 4) Data Analytics

We’re excited to officially offer these workshops to our customers and allow them to tap into our top-tier engineering resources via these workshops. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be announcing each of these workshops and provide the context and background that you need to decide which workshop is the right fit for you and your team. Designed to help you navigate Google Cloud with confidence— our workshops ensure your business is getting the most out of your GCP environment.

Each workshop was developed by our expert team of engineers and cloud architects and aligns with GCP best practices, accelerating time to value and providing you with a clear roadmap to overcome any challenges in front of you.

Utilize the power of Google Cloud to reach your business objectives, whether it’s modernizing your infrastructure, securing your environment, collecting and analyzing data, or running a multi-cloud setup.

Infrastructure Optimization Workshop

  • Ensure that your environment is running as efficiently and securely as possible.

  • Our expert team of Cloud Architects, Solutions Engineers, and Technical Account Managers will make sure that your cloud environment passes our 178-point infrastructure assessment.

  • Our team will be working side-by-side with your team during this comprehensive 3-part assessment.

Cloud Security Assessment

  • Identify potential risks and improve the security posture of your Google Cloud environment with CloudWerx to drive safe and sustainable growth.

  • With our Cloud Security Assessment, a dedicated CloudWerx team, including a Cloud Security Architect and Technical Account Manager, will evaluate your current security configurations and platform controls, provide detailed recommendations, and present best practices to reduce risk and overcome common threats.

  • Maximize GCP’s robust security features and make them work for you.

Cloud Migration & Multi-Cloud Roadmap

  • Adopting Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with CloudWerx GCP services gives you proven cloud expertise tailored to your specific business needs.

  • CloudWerx's expert team of Solutions Architects, Cloud Engineers, and Project Managers will put you on the right path that meets your unique technical requirements.

Data ETL Workshop

  • Maximize the business impact of your data by leveraging a GCP data platform built by CloudWerx.

  • By leveraging the power of Cloud Storage, Dataflow, BigQuery, and Data Studio our team of Cloud Architects, Solutions Engineers, and Technical Account Managers help you put your data to work and answer the business questions that guarantee continued growth and success.

Over the next several newsletters, we’ll be diving more in-depth into each of these workshops, how they work, and how our clients can benefit. Stay tuned!

If you think one of these services may be right for your business, send a message to for more information.

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