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Architectural Deployment Workshops for Seer Interactive

Seer Interactive engaged CloudWerx (a GCP Resell and Service Partner) to deliver expert GCP Consulting Resources that aligned technology and environment best practices to support development and deployment optimization.

The Customer: Seer Interactive

Seer Interactive is a data-driven digital marketing agency that’s committed to “connecting communities around common purpose and innovative solutions.”

When Seer was founded in 2002 by Wil Reynolds, it was a one-person search firm. Today, their talented team of more than 150 people strives for leadership across the marketing industry.

The Challenge

Like any fast-growing tech company, Seer Interactive struggled to maintain an optimized development and deployment process. Lack of testing, inconsistent environment configurations and a development team performing direct-to-production deployments were causing outages that impacted the business in a significant way. Seer Interactive sought CloudWerx’s expert GCP Resources to help their team understand how to optimally structure their GCP environment and development process to mitigate current issues and plan for future scale.

CloudWerx Solution

CloudWerx was asked to provide Seer Interactive with technical consulting to help them learn and implement GCP administration best practices related to architecture, security, labeling and deployment. Additionally, CloudWerx assisted Seer in fully leveraging services such as AirFlow and Composer. CloudWerx facilitated a series of workshops with Seer Interactive to review their environment, knowledge-share best practices, and provide both strategic guidance and a roadmap which included future recommendations for what their “future state” on what the future environment should include. The workshop artifacts included detailed documentation that could be used for future training and onboarding purposes.

At the conclusion of the strategic workshopping and accompanying counsel, CloudWerx made strategic recommendations which included a high-level, phased approach to implementing improvements to minimize disruption to developers.

Key Takeaways

  • Workshop Session Artifacts on GCP Best Practices

  • Detailed recommendations for updates to environment via high-level, phased approach

  • Faster development and deployment

  • Minimized disruption to development team

Moving Forward Together

After a successful consulting engagement, Seer Interactive requested CloudWerx provide follow-on work to design a future-state architecture and a development process incorporating GCP Best Practices. To deliver on this request, CloudWerx is actively working on a detailed roadmap and phased roll-out plan that will be presented to key business stakeholders. Once alignment and support is established amongst key executives at Seer, CloudWerx will lead the implementation of optimization as well as train the internal engineering team.


Looking for specialized GCP consulting?

CloudWerx specializes in GCP consulting, training, and support. If you feel this type of service would benefit your business and team learn more about us & get in touch here or call (206) 999-3517

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