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A Record-Breaking Rise to Google Premier Partner Status - Here's How CloudWerx did it

CloudWerx announced on July 6, 2022, that they’d been named a Premier Partner in Google Cloud's partner program, Partner Advantage. They achieved this in less than a year under the leadership of Jason Geis (CEO and Co-Founder) and Betsy Reed (VP and Co-Founder), who led the company with a dedication to challenging the conventional partner relationship.

Reed attributes their success to “a commitment to an ‘11/10’ customer experience across the board – from technical resources, account management, and customer service.” This ethos is at the foundation of every customer relationship and has paved the way for CloudWerx to become one of the fastest Google Cloud partners to reach Premier Status.

Geis and Reed are here to share the secrets to their success and let everyone in on how they made it happen.

The “Perfect Storm”

It’s immensely clear that going “all-in” as an exclusive Google Cloud-only partner was one of the strongest choices CloudWerx made. Geis forecasts that the already substantial cloud computing market is just taking off, and CloudWerx, as a Google Cloud Partner, is poised to see huge growth in the coming years. The focus as a partner of only Google Cloud and no other public cloud provider allowed CloudWerx to double down on value-add services and support for Google Cloud customers.

CloudWerx’ rapid growth over the past few years coincided with cloud innovation as it intensified industry-wide. Companies are now able to embrace the full power of this digital transformation and CloudWerx is providing the tools to get them there.

A Different Kind of Partner

From its inception, CloudWerx has exceeded the expectations of the partner relationship by offering far more than just resale and billing options. As stated by Reed, “We are hustling every single day to deliver the best possible experience for the customer and create a win/win/win (customer/Google/CloudWerx) scenario.” They have demonstrated their expertise providing access to “elite technical resources, best-in-class support and a white-glove customer experience” and in doing so, have built lasting relationships as a trusted partner.

Celebrating This Milestone & Those to Come

CloudWerx has enjoyed a truly outstanding year. They are on track to increase their revenue tenfold year over year (2022 vs. 2021) by utilizing a joint business plan with Google. Still, it was surely more than just being at the right place at the right time. CloudWerx gives credit where it’s due to their incredible teams of sales, marketing, and cloud engineering specialists for their tireless efforts and double-down commitment to partner satisfaction. “We’re currently on track to hit more than 250 customers by the end of this year, which is unheard of when a year ago, we only had a handful,” said Reed.

Reed and Geis make a dynamic duo when it comes to sales and executive leadership. Reed, with her skill in building and scaling account management and sales teams and Geis’ stellar network after more than 25 years in Silicon Valley. Thanks to this combination of skills and background, CloudWerx is on course to become one of Google Cloud’s largest partners in North America.

When asked what’s next, Reed said “We’re having more fun than we’ve ever had in our careers, and are just getting started. We’re blessed and grateful to do what we love, with the people we love, and have a real impact in helping our customers’ businesses flourish.”

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