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5 Reasons To Spin Up a Google Cloud Environment

Top 5 Reasons to Spin Up a Google Cloud Environment

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Although it’s newer to the Cloud Computing market than AWS and Azure, Google Cloud has proved itself a worthy opponent. It’s become exceedingly popular with small and medium sized businesses – both those who are beginning their work on the cloud as well as those who have chosen to migrate from another platform. This is easy to understand when you look at the many advantages Google Cloud offers its customers; rich functionality, unparalleled security, easy-to-use interface, and affordability to name a few. The following are the 5 reasons CloudWerx has chosen Google as a cloud partner over its competitors. Speed Google boasts one of the largest networks in the world. It’s privately distributed backbone consists of fiber-optic cable that circles the entire globe, connecting its numerous data centers. This allows them to offer customers speeds up to 10Tbs, processing more data in less time and driving down overall cost. Security GCP employs 500 full-time security professionals to manage a security model that’s nearly 15-years in the making. The same infrastructure that secures Gmail and Google Search is available through their cloud platform to protect your data, applications, and customers. All data is meticulously encrypted in transit, in use, and at rest. Simplicity Using a simple file system structure, Google features an amazingly straightforward and easy-to-use interface on the backend. They’ve made it simple for multiple users to access and collaborate simultaneously, resulting in increased overall productivity. They also stand apart from other cloud providers by offering live migrations of Virtual Machines. This allows for Google engineers to address hardware and software issues without a machine reboot. Flexibility Google offers its partners abundant flexibility when it comes to building optimized and secure cloud infrastructures. In its design of a wide range of cloud services, Google chose to emphasize the power of customization. This means that by using Google Cloud Services, businesses are able to customize their cloud usage and security in ways that best suit their needs and budgets.

Price While competitors like AWS offer limited discounts and bills by the hour, Google charges in 10-minute increments so you only end up paying for time spent computing. Companies can receive up to a 57% discount with a Committed-Use Contract, but they also offer discounts for larger workloads without requiring an up-front commitment. Prices for GCP are lower across the board by about 40% - 50% than AWS and Azure according to a cost comparison conducted by Sandeep Dinesh for Medium. With so many advantages to Google Cloud, it’s easy to understand why CloudWerx chose to utilize this platform over others. We ensure that all our clients can reap the benefits of this flexible and powerful tool to elevate their company, continue to innovate, and save significant time and money. Whether you are deploying a new environment or migrating to Google Cloud, CloudWerx can help you spin up a Google Cloud environment to meet all your business needs.


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