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When you need expert scalability to support your businesses’ growth goals look no further than CloudWerx. Costly and complicated IT maintenance can prevent growth and scale.  CloudWerx ITaaS provides immediate and direct access to the top cloud architects, engineers and trainers to drive confident business acceleration.

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Unable to hire quickly enough to keep up with their growing business, Databricks hired Cloudwerx to find cost effective resources in short notice - giving them an elastic team to support their growth.
The Challenge

DataBricks is growing so fast they are not able to keep up with the IT demands. CloudWerx was tasked with providing ITaaS to the team at DataBricks to help them scale with confidence.

CloudWerx Solution

Our goal was to bring DataBricks an elastic team of resources to grow with them as the company scales. CloudWerx is supplying a team of resources that will drive down the aggregate cost to outsource these requirements. 


CloudWerx was able to get Support, Ticketing, Automation, Documentation and On-Boarding under control until Databricks can source and hire the right resources full time. Databricks will continue to outsource some of these roles to CloudWerx as it is not their core competency and they do not feel the need.  Plus we are able to run some of these projects at a lower cost than they could hire for.


“CloudWerx was the easy button for me and our team.  They were extremely responsive and resourceful in getting me the talent I needed while building an elastic bench for me to rely on.  CloudWerx helps us stay in front of our scaling issues while giving us a cost-effective way to run and predict our business.”

Mike Hamilton, VP of IT, DataBricks

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CloudWerx is an engineering-focused cloud consulting company that provides the most elite tech resources to solve the toughest challenges. Our team has unique experience working in some of the most complex cloud environments at scale and has “been there and done that” so we can help your business accelerate with confidence.

We founded the business on the basis that even the most advanced technology companies need outside resources to support their growth and we aim to be that outside team of experts to do just that. Our ethos is rooted deeply in tech and we’re committed to providing access to the top resources in the world that our clients wouldn't have access to anywhere else. It’s our belief that in supporting the acceleration and growth of digital native, high-growth businesses, we can support the rapid evolution of technology to better the world. 

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