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Choose Cloudwerx as your GCP. In just a few simple steps, Cloudwerx will get you on the path to being the best, most efficient, and amazing version of your company. Best of all, this comes at no cost to you. With nothing to lose and so much to gain, get started now. 

Why use a Managed Service Partner?

Google established the GCP partner program because they wanted their partners to be supported as they grow. Google knows that clients who engage with a partner have a higher satisfaction rate, fully leverage the power of the GCP platform, and enjoy a better overall experience.


That’s why all of these additional services are offered free of charge. 

Same Price. Additonal Benefits. 

By partnering with a GCP reseller, you pay the same price for your GCP licenses as you would by buying directly from Google, but you can get additional benefits. 

Continuous Support.

With a GCP reseller in your corner, the days of navigating the complexities of the cloud alone are over. In order to become a certified reseller, companies must hold a rigorous set of prerequisites; these include passing a series of Google Cloud certifications, having Google Cloud Premier Partner status, and more.

Simplified Billing.

You already have enough on your plate with your day-to-day business operations, why add a complicated billing system to the mix? Google Cloud Platform pricing can get complex, but it gets a whole lot simpler when you purchase your licenses through a reseller. When you purchase GCP services through us, you can enjoy flexible invoicing, payment via a simple bank transfer (wave goodbye to credit card hassle), and transparent, real-time cost tracking on a customized dashboard. We can already see your billing department thanking you.

Maximum Value.

Nobody likes to waste time or money. When businesses use the expertise of a GCP reselling partner like us, they can be confident that they’re getting the most value out of Google Cloud products. We help IT teams identify and eliminate inefficiencies in their workloads, giving them more time to focus on using Google Cloud tech to drive direct value for their business. There’s also no need to allocate extra time and human capital to train a new team member on the ins and outs of the cloud. That’s what we’re here for.

CloudWerx Partner Advantage

Preferred invoicing options

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Additional technical resources 

Ready to deploy - where and when you need them

GCP Environment Assessment

Is our GCP Environment Set-Up Correctly? Secure? Scalable? Optimized?

Dedicated account team 

24-hour response time, expanded coverage, and issue escalation

Preferred invoicing & cost monitoring

Complimentary access & configuration of Ternary 

No cost for additional support

pay the same as you would with regular GCP licence


We've put together a simple, three step process to get you onboarded as our partner, and get you on the path to doing better work and being the best ever, at everything you want to be good at.

Billing Optimization

  • Partner managed billing transfer

  • Ternary onboarding, customization, and monitoring

  • Internal cost optimization data review 

  • Preparation of GCP Health Check

  • Evaluate Google Cloud Marketplace opportunities

GCP Environment Assessment

  • 10,000-ft level view of your GCP environment 

  • Answer the question, “Is everything running properly?”

  • Review Ternary cost optimization data 

  • Identify areas of opportunity to streamline consumption 

  • Prioritize potential projects to enhance efficiency

Professional Support

  • Perform technical discovery to identify low effort/high impact projects 

  • Provide technical resources to help prioritize and execute these projects 

  • Discuss growth goals and project roadmap to understand resource needs

  • Deploy additional resources to support client growth

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