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Achieve Continuous Compliance

Security Audit & Remediation


Are you concerned about the security of your Google Cloud environment? Do you want to ensure that your organization's sensitive data is protected from cyber threats? Cloudwerx’ Google Cloud Security Audit & Remediation service can help keep you secure.


Our GCP centric security team conducts a meticulous consultation process with key IT and security stakeholders to gain an in-depth understanding of the risks inherent in your cloud environment. We leverage industry-leading best practices in cloud information security and control framework references to conduct a rigorous analysis of your security issues. This enables us to provide you with comprehensive and actionable recommendations to effectively mitigate your risks. Our process encompasses multiple distinct phases and is designed to deliver a sophisticated and proactive approach to cloud security.

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Discovery & Engagement Logistics

Comprehensive security audit of Google Cloud environment across 190+ controls

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Alpha Dashboard Walkthrough

(Optional) Kubernetes CIS Benchmark and audit

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Identification of vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your security posture

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Detailed report outlining our findings and recommendations for remediation

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Remediation support and guidance from our experienced security professionals



Updating IAM policies to ensure permissions are properly scoped and granted


Adjusting network security settings to better protect your environment


Implementing additional data security controls, such as encryption or DLP tools


Conducting regular compliance audits to ensure ongoing adherence to relevant certifications

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