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You've got the data, but now you need to harness it to answer your big picture business questions. Looking for a straightforward way for everyone in your business to analyze and gain meaningful insights from your data sets, all in one place.


Discover Actionable Insights with Our BigQuery + Looker Workshop: Transform Your Data into a Powerful Decision-Making Tool


Unlock your data's full potential with our hands-on BigQuery + Looker workshop. We'll guide you through the process of building a custom dashboard tailored to address your most pressing 'Big Business Question,' turning complex data into visually appealing and actionable insights. Additionally, harness the power of Looker's Explore feature, which allows users to dive deeper into a governed, trusted data source using LookML.

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Discovery & Engagement Logistics

Identify relevant business questions, walk through data analytics environment including relevant tables, ensure access for CWX dev team.

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Alpha Dashboard Walkthrough

Review Initial Dashboard(s) & Explores, provide enablement for pilot users to test and provide feedback, surface any questions from CWX Development Team, gather initial feedback.

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Beta Dashboard Walkthrough

Review updated dashboards, gather more feedback, provide documentation on processes for building future dashboards.

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Workshop Delivery, Handoff, and EnablementReview final dashboards, Explores, LookML Project. Handoff documentation, provide resources for further enablement and contact for ongoing CWX support.



Dashboard with an answer to your ‘big business question"


Documentation on the process for going from data ➡ dashboard


An Explore (with guardrails) that allows end users to ask their own questions of a curated LookML project


Capitalizing on your data with Looker

Big Query and Looker Workshop.

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