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Take A Coffee Break With CloudWerx

Thank you for being a treasured customer of CloudWerx. In an effort to continue our 11/10 service, we’d like to invite you to participate in our “Coffee with CloudWerx” interview series. This opportunity is offered only to CloudWerx customers and has the distinct purpose of promoting and highlighting the ways in which your amazing and innovative products and services are changing the world.


What is it?


  • A series we’re launching in order to highlight and recognize our incredible customers and the work they’re doing

What do you need from me? 


  • 30 minutes on your calendar to facilitate  a recorded video call with one of your top executives (is that you?!?)


Who will I meet with?


  • Our Co-Founder and CRO, Betsy Reed, will be facilitating this interview and after introductions will ask a series of questions to get to know you, your career path and your company


What happens next?

  • Once the interview is held, we will turn it into a CloudWerx Newsletter, Blog and LinkedIn post. 

  • We’ll align with your marketing team to ensure we’ve “#” and “@” all strategic accounts / people, etc.


How can I prepare?

  • Just bring your best personality and get ready to have fun. We will do the rest!


Any idea of the topics covered on the call?


  • Your background / career highlights

  • Key Value propositions of your product / service

  • How and why you chose to partner with CloudWerx

  • Any past/present/ or future projects we’re working on together

  • Exciting things on the horizon for your company

  • Predictions for the future of our partnership

Are you in? If so, please use Calendly to schedule your interview. 


Betsy Reed

Co-Founder and CRO

Betsy is a passionate sales leader based in Bend, Oregon. She cut her teeth as a sales rep for a start-up and has been rising in the ranks of tech sales and sales leadership ever since. Betsy has driven top-line revenue growth and selling enterprise-level deals as well as a sales leader -- building teams and growing SaaS sales more than 500x. It is in mentoring, leading and coaching that Betsy feels most alive. 

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